The St. Maartenskliniek is a specialized clinic for rehabilitation and physiotherapy in The Netherlands, and an associated partner of the HealthPAC consortium. Noël Keijsers and Bart Nienhuis from their department for Research, Development & Education showed us around. Our visit focused on the rehabilitation and balance training equipment. First, we had the opportunity to visit the fall simulation laboratory, with demonstration of passive sensors to study gait and movement.

Note the infrared-markers that allow recording of 3D posture.

Patients need rigorous and repetitive physiotherapy for improvement, which makes the process very challenging. The St. Maartenskliniek is pioneering how computer graphics could be used together with treadmills for balance training in realistic and game-like simulated environments. This was specifically to help make the training periods less monotonous.

Cinema-atmosphere during rehab! The split-belt treadmill can additionally simulate different environments by e.g. shifting its slope.

The final highlight was playing basketball in wheelchairs. Although this was fun, there is no better way to emphasize the need for better solutions than experiencing the present one.

Basketball never was harder, but at least height was less important.

Pictures and text by Sonal and Johannes.